The unique biology of Varroa mite (life cycle occurring within capped cells) has precluded many control strategies, and, today, after decades of intense research only four synthetic miticides have been approved. Bio-treatments are yet to be approved in the USA and Canada and given their many advantages over conventional treatments, there is an urgent need to develop bee safe bio-pesticides.

Our biocontrol combines microbiology, apiscience, and vectoring technology to offer an effective, long-lasting, and sustainable solution to CCD. The solution is the first to selectively target Varroa inside and outside brood cells providing long-term bee protection from the parasite and the viruses transmitted by it.

The ‘ bee method’ also offers an efficient path to development since it can be easily adapted to carry various biopesticides for crop protection. Given the growing international interest in sustainable agriculture ($ 6.6 billion biopesticide market by 2020), our solution represents an innovative, scalable, and bee-loving answer to the challenges of modern food production.